Creative team-away days, leadership and virtual team training.

Team-Away Days

Focus on strategy, pick a training topic or get together to set direction. Our team-away days incorporate creative exercises to accelerate the learning process and reflection. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Training, Coaching and Faciliation for Virtual Teams

As we increasingly use technology to help us collaborate, we are in danger of becoming misaligned and disconnected. Check out our ILM-endorsed training programme or get in touch to discuss coaching and facilitation services.

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Leadership Training

Custom-made leadership training courses including Leadership and Change.

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Engaging and creative
professional development

Leadership, Skills, Teams and Solutions

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Leadership: Our leadership programmes focus on engaging team members through inspiration, motivation and facilitation.
Skills: Our theatre training inspired programmes enhance participants’ communication skills, presence, presentation skills, ability to lead meetings, facilitate change at work, motivation and wellbeing.

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Teams: We offer a dynamic programme of inventive exercises to strengthen and enhance the work of your team, using the model of the theatre ensemble.
Solutions: There are numerous opportunities for informal learning to take place in your organisation. We can help you promote learning in your organisation in a number of creative ways.

Our leadership programmes help team leaders and managers create teams that ‘work’. Our tailored sessions ignite high-quality discussions, enable team members to re-discover their own talents, re-charge their batteries and re-ignite team spark.

Through the concept of the theatre ensemble – where success relies on everyone giving their all – we have created programmes that tap into people’s creativity and release team energy.

Contact us now for an informal discussion of your needs and to find out how our approach can work for you and your organisation.

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