Do Your Employees Share your Job Posts?

Team Building MadridPeople in HR departments are squeezing their brains trying to find out how to leverage social media to attract talent. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are being included in the recruitment efforts of many organisation.

Content and sharing are the forces behind any kind of social media success. For example, by creating interesting and sometimes fun content, people share it on Facebook and your post appears on many other people’s timelines. Good content therefore doesn’t just remind those who “like” you of your brand, but it can reach a whole new audience by being shared through their network.

Talented people are difficult to come by. They might never have thought of working for your company and therefore are unaware of your online presence. Let’s just for a moment think back to the time before the web exploded with Followers and Likes. One of the most effective ways of recruting people who were right for your company was through tapping into your current employees’ networks. These networks are now being strengthened through online tools, so why not tap into them?

If we look at how Social Media works and consider your employees as potential leads to find talent, then surely encouraging your employees to share your job posts shoud be on the top of your strategy list.

So, why isn’t this the case?

For a start, many companies still block access to social networks. Even though they provide an excellent opportunity for learning and development, many companies still see them as a tempting time thief that their employees won’t be able to resist. (Some companies are even blocking Pinterest – I hope the owners realise this means they’ve established themselves as a popular site.)

Anecdotely, I heard at a recent talk about a company which was using social media to attract young talent. The newbies were thoroughly disappointed when, having engaged with the company online, they found that social networks were blocked in their new place of work. Could this happen in your company? What kind of message is this sending? (Talk about breaching the psychological contract…)

Secondly, and more importantly, do you think your current employeees would be happy to share your 1 minute YouTube promo on why you’re the best company on Earth to work for? Would they alert their peers of a job opening by sharing your post? If they would, congratulations! (And please could you drop me a line so that I can pitch to come and work with you.) If they wouldn’t, you have a problem. A problem that goes beyond “Why don’t we get any Likes?” or “Where should we advertise?” Maybe this should be addressed before you launch your next recrutiment campaign online.

Social media strategies, whatever their aims, are tightly linked to business plans, culture and ethos. There is no point in building a brand online that doesn’t reflect reality, especially if you are trying to recruit. Consider each channel carefully: “Why are we using that platform? What content will attract the right people?”

Look outside your business for inspiration but always start by looking inside your organisation before you consider how to reach out.

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