Leadership is all about the release of human possibilities. 

-Joseph Jaworski

Invisible Leadership: Inspiration, Motivation and Facilitation.

The Invisible Leadership Programme has been designed for managers and emerging leaders in organisations. It consists of five modules, which can be delivered in five separate sessions or over two consecutive days.

Communication style
Ongoing development
Team Communication
Face-to-face communication
Virtual communication
Meetings and presentations
Personal change
Leading through change

Taking risks
Building trust
Group think and diversity
Team Development
Building on success
Your Module
A module tailored to you,
to make sure the learning
is transferable to your organisation.

The Invisible Leadership Programme is based on the practice of the director of a theatre ensemble, where the focus is on:

  • Building a team fast,
  • Enabling constant communication and feedback,
  • Strengthening trust between team members and
  • Ensuring that everyone is engaged, ready to give their best.

(You can read more about Invisible Leadership on this blog post.)

Our Invisible Leadership Programme is adapted for each organisation to support your Learning and Development plans and to suit your culture – or challenge it!

We fully understand budget and time constraints and our programmes are developed with any limitations in mind.

What can you expect from the Invisible Leadership Programme?

  • It will increase your emotional, physical and cognitive self-awareness.
  • It will enable you to build trust and high-quality communication within your team.
  • It will help you to make the most out of change in the workplace.
  • It will show you how to look after your wellbeing.

This is done by:

  • Exploring leadership issues through light, theatre exercises.
  • Using leadership theory to structure the learning outcomes.
  • Facilitating discussion to give room for reflection and relate the learning back to the workplace.

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“Your ability to turn complex business and leadership issues into simple achievable units is truly inspiring. It is the seemingly effortless approach to business issues that make your sessions so powerful.”

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